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Young people and their parents

Which direction do you want to take with your studies? What do you want to do after finishing your studies? What do you want to study? Or do you prefer looking for a job? Do you want to go abroad? Do you want to start your own business?

At this important key moment in your life, you are surrounded by many people offering you well-meant advice... Maybe you recognize these:

  • “Just enter university, you are up to it, aren’t you?”
  • “Aim as high as possible, you can always go lower afterwards”
  • “Choose as broadly as possible so that you leave all options open”
  • “We are all self-employed workers, then why shouldn’t you become one too?”
  • “If you choose to enter these studies, you will never be able to make a decent living”
  • etcetera.

But… What do YOU want? What do you really want to do? With whom? Why? Which is the path you build for yourself? Which choices do you make? What is inside of you that wants to express itself?

To find the answer to all these questions, you need a good insight into your strengths, your values, your dreams, your longings, your ambitions, …  In short, a strong inner compass that indicates the direction in which your life path could take you.

School education does not support you to develop this inner compass. This is the place where you have probably often heard what you are not good at and should put more effort into. But what is it that you excel in, in such a way that it could fill the rest of your life? What does your life project look like?

Your Wheel of Choice® can help you make all these choices. It is a gift for life!

Do you want to get started to develop your own Wheel of Choice ®? Contact one of our coaches in your neighbourhood.