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The method “Wheel for Choice” ® is a registered trade mark. It is the property of and managed by The Future Generation CVBA ( The Wheel of Choice® is based on the scientific insights of Positive Psychology, Appreciative Inquiry, Core Power Coaching and the self-determination theory.

De fundamenten van het Keuzekompas®


The Wheel of Choice® is unique in Belgium! It is the first inside-out tool that helps people to order the things that really matter to them in their lifes when they are faced with important choices. The Future Generation CVBA collaborates with the university of Ghent, the department of Development Psychology, to refine the method further.

Would you as a coach like to get start using this methodology? Please get in touch with to learn more about the possibilities to collaborate.

Before you can start as a licensed Wheel of Choice® coach, we provide an intense training programme where you will learn how you can support individuals in their Wheel of Choice® process.  During the training session, you will experience what it is like to go through the Wheel of Choice® process. This experience will help you to guide coachees in a more efficient manner.