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Would you like more self-management within your organization?

Organizations realize that the "command and control" organization models that proved to be effective in the past, are preventing them from handle the future macro-economic challenges in a sufficient manner. That is why many organisations experiment with new types of organisation structures based on trust, empowerment, self-management, etc. Because the known frames of reference are fading, people need to be able to rely on their inner compass which must be aligned to that of the organisation.  The development of our inner compass often gets very little attention during our education.  The Wheel of Choice® can help to fill this void. By becoming aware of our strengths, values, goals and ambitions, we can sail the seas of an increasingly self-managing and connected world.

Do you want to invest to develop the resilience of your co-workers?

The complexity of our organisations and our world make work more and more complex.  Many people are running empty, and stress and burn out are lurking just around the corner.  The extend in which people manage pressure with a good amount of resilience is determined by the extend in which they are connected with their inner compass. After all, this compass helps them to make choices about what is and what is not beneficial for them, and, where appropriate, to set boundaries. The Wheel of Choice ® is the first instrument on the Belgian market that helps people to make conscious choices directed by the inner compass.  It is very efficient to use as a prevention tool in stress- en burnout programmes.

Which choices do you want to make about learning and development?

Our world is transforming from a linear to a connected one.  Predictability is a thing of the past. 60% of all professions we know today will no longer exist in 20 years. Today 100000 students are enrolled in a programme that is no longer relevant in the employment market. Changes in our surrounding world occur at the speed of light. Digital is the new normal. Learning happens in the cloud. Hierarchy is replaced by self-management.

Learning and development are at the heart of Agile organizations. The Wheel of Choice ® helps your employees to create a sustainable development plan aligned to their strengths, their values and their ambitions. It helps to identify what is needed to develop their potential to Olympic levels. It makes the yearly performance appraisals so much richer, because they focus on learning- and development plans created from the inside out.

Why do people do the things they do?

How is it that some people whistle on their way to work, while others count the minutes and rush to the time clock at 5 pm? What is the difference between motivation and mustivation? Do people perform jobs that are aligned with their personal ambitions, dreams and longings, or do they just do the job because they must? The Wheel of Choice ® uncovers the essence of personal motivation. Why do people do the things they do? In the light of this, work is put in a very different perspective.  When we start to discuss and discover what really moves us, authentic connections are established between people, in which they work together to achieve a common goal everyone beliefs in.

Do you want to build your teams and organisation around fun and flow at work?

Suppose colleagues within a team share what their strengths are, in which type of environments they really come to fruition, what motivates them. Suppose teams would then organize the work so that the team members could do more of what really turns them on. What would that mean in terms of work pleasure and flow? What effects would this have on the team? The Wheel of Choice® is often used as an instrument to develop teams. It is an individual preparation for a team intervention focused on organisation of work, internal alignment, fun at work AND results.

Do you want to get started with the Wheel of Choice ® in your organisation? Contact one of our coaches in your area. All our coaches are experienced in facilitating these organisation processes. Or leave you contact details by filling out the contact form.