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As young adolescents, we take a lot of important decisions that will steer our life in a certain direction.  After a decade or so of working and having spent time as a more mature grown-up, we start having doubts and get frustrated. At that time in our lives we start to feel the consequences of the choices we made: does this job suit me? Am I leading the life that I want to lead? Am I focusing too much on my competencies instead of my interests? People who deviate too far from their inner course or destination will end up in an existential crisis.

The Career cheque of the Flemish Government ( makes it possible, along with a career coach, to investigate what really excites you and what your personal career goals are. Your inner self often knows what it wants, but you are no longer well connected with this part of your being. Our rational thinking is far more developed than understanding our feelings.

My Future Works is our partner for career coaching.  After all, the coaches of My future Works all work from the same frames. Find your career coach in your neighbourhood via