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What is a weel of choice?

The Wheel of Choice ® helps people to get a good insight into what really matters for them when they must make important decisions in life. Choices about study, work and life are more authentic and sustainable when they are aligned to your inner compass.

The Wheel of Choice® is your personal guide. It provides an overview of:

  • Your values;
  • Your energy sources;
  • Your dreams and goals;
  • The things you want to do more of or less;
  • The contexts in which you thrive or wither

The Wheel of Choice is your guide in making your life choices. Adolescents use it to make choices of study; adults use it with job- or career choices, choices for growth and development, with organisational and development processes. But also, personal choices like what to do with our lives become a lot clearer when using the Wheel of Choice ®. It improves your resilience; it helps you get back on your feet when life hits you.

How do you make a Wheel of Choice®?

You make a Wheel of Choice® yourself – only you can feel what you need. You do this with the help of reflection exercises. You do this together with a coach – one of our 40 guides in the landscape of self-discovery. They accompany you through your discovery journey. They trigger your thoughts through the questions they ask. You meet them from time to time, but a substantial part of the road you travel on your own. They get enthused when they see the lights shine more and more bright in your eyes, because this means that your inner compass is getting clearer as you progress.

Your discovery journey can easily take a couple of weeks. During this time, your coach accompanies you. This is what you can expect:

  • During the intake, you will get to know your coach. He/She will provide you with your personal toolbox full of exercises which will help you on your journey. Together you can agree on how you want this journey to progress;
  • During your journey, you will meet your coach at certain moments to discuss your progress. In the meantime, you will regularly receive mails or SMS messages which will trigger you and help you along throughout your journey;
  • At the end of your journey you will integrate all your insights together with your coach into the Wheel of Choice ®. A gift for life!

What can you do with your Wheel of Choice ® at the end of your journey?

  • Make it part of you and discuss it in your network. Tell them what you belief, what you stand for, what you are good at and what you enjoy. This is how the connection is established from the inside;
  • Your Wheel of Choice ® is a variation of your diploma. A diploma tells you that at a certain point in your life you were able to achieve certain imposed norms; a wheel of choice tells you who you are and what you can contribute to your network;
  • Use it for making personal choices to grow and in developing your network;
  • Discuss it with your manager, your team and colleagues. It will help establish more meaningful connections. Some teams divide the work based on everyone’s Wheel of Choice ®, allowing team members to do more of what they are good at;

Live, experiment, explore, discover, grow… in the direction your Wheel of Choice hands you.